Susan Cross Hume

“Nigro and Nigro have been my audit and accounting professionals for 15 years, at four different school districts. They have consistently provided high quality, top value expert services. Their interactions with everybody at my District – Board members, accounting office team, site staff- are always positive, professional and helpful. They work together with my team […]

Lynn Coffman

“As a client of over 10 years, Nigro & Nigro have helped me navigate changing business and personal needs with a truly personalized approach. They provide timely and professional service, and are constantly watching the changing financial and governmental regulations that affect each circumstance. They are truly partners in my business.”

Kenneth M. Young

“As Superintendent of Schools for California’s fourth largest county, maintaining the fiscal integrity of our 23 local school districts as well as the Riverside County Office of Education is an extremely high priority-especially during this deep, protracted economic recession. Our organization depends on the high caliber professional accountancy services provided by Nigro and Nigro. Their […]

Marisa Meeks

“Nigro & Nigro has been conducting and managing our Charter School audit for several years. We rely on their professional expertise and are confident in the audits they produce. They work around our schedule and make their audit team available to us when we need them. With Nigro & Nigro, the audit process has become […]