How To Classify Exchange & Non-Exchange Transactions

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) may receive contributions and other revenues from a variety of sources; however, there are two main classifications of revenue transactions that NPO accountants and managers should keep in mind when recording them in the books and thinking about where they receive their funding. These are: exchange transactions and non-exchange transactions. The primary [...]

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How To Increase Visibility for Non Profit Organizations

For many Non-Profits, marketing isn’t top on the list of priorities, but increasing awareness and interest in your organization is still an important goal. Even the most worthwhile causes will have trouble getting off the ground without visibility. Your website is likely the first impression that many potential new supporters will have of your organization, [...]

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Does a Nonprofit Organization Need to Have an Audit Annually?

For non-profit organizations, there are various situations that may arise that will trigger the need for an audit. There are certain Federal and California State laws that determine when an audit must be performed. There are also various situations in which it may not be required, however, would still be beneficial for a non-profit. As [...]

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