How To Prepare for a Financial Audit

Many businesses are required to undergo an annual financial audit, whether they be corporations, not-for-profits or governmental entities. The process can be stressful for those under the microscope and also for those footing the bill, but there are steps that you can take that can help reduce the pain, speed up the process and create [...]

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Who is Required to File a Form 990

The 990 Series of forms is an annual information return that will be filed with the IRS by most tax exempt organizations. It is important to know which organizations are required to file a 990 and which specific version of the 990 is appropriate. Being knowledgeable of the requirements will enable an organization to avoid [...]

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Healthy Workplace Habits for the New Year

Here at Nigro and Nigro we spend a considerable amount of time either working at a desk or traveling to clients, two habits that don’t always foster healthy habits. This is especially true when faced with hectic or alternating schedules and way too much time spent sitting behind a desk… or in a car… or [...]

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