My sons haven’t yet entered the professional work force, so they’ve really only been exposed to one image of Human Resources thanks to Toby from “The Office”. Anytime I mention H.R. they get a distorted look on their face and ask “Mom, are you like Toby? He’s not cool!”. I’m fortunate in that 1) my boss is nothing similar to Michael Scott, and 2) our H.R. duties get shared between the two of us. So, I tell my sons I’m only “half a Toby”. But I have to admit, after attending a couple of H.R. seminars this summer my frame of mind lately has been “Poor Toby! He’s trying so hard!”.

Maintaining H.R. in any company is difficult – there are constantly new laws and regulations going into effect and those of us in H.R. have to be sure we stay in compliance with ALL OF IT. I’ll admit that I can get overwhelmed. I also know that I don’t win any popularity contests when my H.R. responsibilities kick in (the staff simply l-o-v-e my informational emails or when I tell them their driver’s license has expired and now they need to stand in line at the DMV to get a new one). I am someone who wants to be liked by everyone, so it’s not always fun for me when I feel like I’m nagging the staff. But on the flip side, I get a huge sense of pride and accomplishment when a new policy is successfully implemented in our firm or when our handbook revisions are finally completed.

I am constantly reminded that H.R. exists to protect the company and the employees. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Human Resources as “a department within an organization that deals with the people who work for that organization”. I simply adore the people I work with, so if I need to sometimes be like Toby then I’m okay with it! The rules are created so that the staff are protected and can continue doing their auditing and accounting.

Written by Jennifer C., Office Manager