Fraud Prevention & Detection Services

Nigro & Nigro is proud to offer your organization specialized services designed to improve your organization’s defenses against fraud and abuse. Our Fraud Prevention & Detection Services will culminate in a series of recommendations for improvements to all of your organization’s systems involved in defending against fraud, along with appropriate training and implementation guidance. Our Anti-Fraud Program services involve three important elements:

Our Fraud Prevention & Detection Services

A Detailed Analysis

A cost-effective, but detailed analysis of all anti-fraud practices, systems, and policies, resulting in recommendations for improved policies and other defenses against fraud.

Anti-Fraud Skills Training

Training of board members, management, department heads and supervisors, and other personnel in anti-fraud skills appropriate for each person’s position.


Assistance in implementation of revised anti-fraud practices, systems, and policies, including a fraud reporting hotline, documentation of enhancements to all policies and other implementation assistance
Even with a robust Anti-Fraud Program, attempts at embezzlement or other fraud may still occur. As expert fraud investigators, we can handle all aspects of the investigation into suspected acts of fraud and abuse in a manner that maximizes your likelihood of successful litigation and/or recovery of lost resources. In addition to assessing the total amount lost to fraud, we can build the case for your recovery of lost funds and even provide expert witness testimony and prepare expert witness reports designed to maximize your chances of recovery.

Fruad Prevention & Detection in Murrieta

Our Areas of Specialization Include:

The specially trained and experienced team of Certified Fraud Examiners at Nigro & Nigro offer some of the most important Fraud Prevention & Detection Services available to your organization. We offer the following anti-fraud services:

Anti-Fraud Program – Prevent fraud before it happens
Investigation – If fraud or abuse is suspected or alleged

Ready to Implement an Anti-Fraud Program?

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