How To Make the Most of Your Daily Commute

We spend a lot of time in a car. I’m guessing that since you clicked on this article, you know the feeling. Southern California has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches, mountains, vineyards, city life, and an extensive web of freeways perpetually saturated with commuters, of which I am one. It probably doesn’t come as [...]

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How To Prepare for a Financial Audit

Many businesses are required to undergo an annual financial audit, whether they be corporations, not-for-profits or governmental entities. The process can be stressful for those under the microscope and also for those footing the bill, but there are steps that you can take that can help reduce the pain, speed up the process and create [...]

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Healthy Workplace Habits for the New Year

Here at Nigro and Nigro we spend a considerable amount of time either working at a desk or traveling to clients, two habits that don’t always foster healthy habits. This is especially true when faced with hectic or alternating schedules and way too much time spent sitting behind a desk… or in a car… or [...]

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How To Increase Visibility for Non Profit Organizations

For many Non-Profits, marketing isn’t top on the list of priorities, but increasing awareness and interest in your organization is still an important goal. Even the most worthwhile causes will have trouble getting off the ground without visibility. Your website is likely the first impression that many potential new supporters will have of your organization, [...]

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How to Select the Right Bookkeeper

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in business for years, choosing the right bookkeeper is essential. So why is your bookkeeper so important? This is a more complicated question than you may realize. Today many people call themselves and consider themselves a bookkeeper. Some know basic accounting and are proficient at keeping [...]

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Value of an Internship

Throughout high school and especially college, there is often constant conversation on the topic of internships. One can hardly get through a week in senior year without hearing about another student’s struggles or successes in the search for an internship or without being asked about their own plans and endeavors on the subject. Despite all [...]

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Tips to Avoid Common Financial Statement Errors

In preparing financial statements for not-for-profit organizations (NPO), management and accountants should be aware of some common errors in presentation that affect the statements of financial position and activities. By paying attention to these simple tips, you can help to ensure that your financial statements will be ready for audit! Statement of Financial Position This [...]

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Customer Service – Do I Have To?

Sometimes it’s just hard. Forcing that smile on your face and remaining calm when a client is upset with you can really ruin your day. Ever felt like saying “I don’t care” or “Is it worth keeping them as a client”? I’m sure this has happened to everyone at least once during their career. But [...]

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GASB 74 & 75: What’s Changed?

Are you aware of the recent changes made with accounting and financial reporting of Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB)? It's important to take action if the standard applies to your district, if you don't implement changes it will likely effect your audit report! Find out what has changed with GASB 74 & 75, why the changes [...]

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Applying at an Accounting Firm? Avoid These Pet Peeves

You’ve heard all the do’s and don’ts - whether the advice is from a parent, friend, or an online source. Everyone has a suggestion, so I thought I’d throw in what have become some big pet peeves for me. As the Office Manager for Nigro & Nigro the past ten years, I’ve read hundreds of [...]

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