For many Non-Profits, marketing isn’t top on the list of priorities, but increasing awareness and interest in your organization is still an important goal. Even the most worthwhile causes will have trouble getting off the ground without visibility.

Your website is likely the first impression that many potential new supporters will have of your organization, so make sure it is updated, navigable, and relevant to your cause. Websites that are glitchy or do not contain necessary or pertinent information are a quick way to drive away curious, prospective followers, volunteers, or donors.

When building your website, designing your events, or connecting on social media, identify your audience and focus your strategies toward them. Although you may not be selling a product to a target market like a traditional for-profit company, understanding your audience and appealing to them is still a vital concept. Social media can be especially helpful to identify audience trends, since many of your supporters or interested parties will comment on or share those of your efforts that they find most intriguing.

Boost your online presence by engaging in social media or maintaining a profile on various not-for profit directories. Social Media is an easy and budget friendly way to increase your visibility, but make sure to regularly update your pages/accounts with news, pictures, events, or success stories to keep visitors coming back. In addition to social media, there are several organizations, such as, that compile lists or information about local or national not-for-profits. Do a quick online search to see where your organization is mentioned. If your organization appears on a relevant listing, claim the profile and make sure that it is updated and accurate.

Finally, join in at local events or partner with other compatible organizations. Volunteering or setting up a booth at a community event it a great way to reach your local audience and educate them about your cause (Plus it’s a chance to get a few new pictures to post on your social media accounts). You can also partner with or other local organizations that share your cause in order to magnify your impact or be introduced to a larger or simply a different audience.

Introducing a few simple and inexpensive marketing strategies can go a long way toward putting your organization on the map.

Written By: J. Berry, CPA, Senior Accountant